The Beejewel Collections

Express Your Resilience

Beejewel inspires women to embrace their true selves and identify their personal style so they can be comfortable and confident within themselves. We have designed our jewelry collections so that all women can define and express their unique manner of Bee-ing.

You can also find us at Crate, located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Sporty Natural

Friendly & Casual

The Sporty Natural Bee is casual, friendly, and easygoing.  She expresses her resilience by being approachable and down-to-earth. Our Sporty Natural Collection complements this Bee with its easy and unpretentious style that looks great without trying too hard.

Feminine Romantic

Soft & Romantic

By nature, the Feminine Romantic Bee is approachable and caring, and her resilience sustains the development of others. This Bee’s personal style of course has a flare of romance, exuding warmth and femininity. These qualities are reflected in the Feminine Romantic Collection, designed with this considerate, good-natured Bee in mind.


Refined & Stately

The Elegant Bee has a refined and timeless personal style, and she communicates her resilience with restraint and an air of confidence. For this Bee, the Elegant Collection was designed to be polished and never overdone, a positive addition to her style repertoire.


Sexy & Glamorous

The Alluring Bee will draw you into her hive with her flirtatious nature. She is confident and not afraid to display her glamour and femininity. This Bee demonstrates her resilience with bold and outgoing confidence. She can make an entrance wearing a piece from the Alluring Collection, knowing she is the center of attention.


Original & Artistic

The Creative Bee is free-spirited and unique. She loves being spontaneous and imaginative. This Bee expresses her resilience through dance and song, by creating art, and in fashion. The Creative Collection allows her to radiate her artistic and unpredictable nature.


Conservative & Businesslike

The Traditional Bee is businesslike and professional, and she has a timeless and polished personal style. She expresses her resilience by being conservative and mature. The Traditional Collection, much like the Bee herself, is refined, sophisticated, and never over-the-top.


Fashionable & Sophisticated

The Dramatic Bee’s self-assurance draws others to her like, well, bees to honey! Her personal style is bold, confident and unforgettable. This charismatic and assertive Bee has a commanding presence and can be intimidating with her resilience. The Dramatic Collection suits her well with its unique and eye-catching pieces.

“My favorite part about bee existence is that she does not live alone. Bees live in beehives, they are surrounded by their sisters, they support each other and have a common goal.”

– Modia Batterjee
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