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Beejewel is committed to being a brand leader in luxury for a cause, designing fine jewelry with a purpose. We support organizations that are dedicated to education, health, and women and infant survival. The jewelry we create incorporates the bee as a symbol of female resilience and as a reminder that the network of support created by bees strengthens the whole hive. Beejewel encourages women to “Think Like a Bee.” This means working collectively and resiliently to support themselves, their families, and their communities – just like the bees in a beehive.

Modia Batterjee Beejewel Boutique

Modia Batterjee

Modia and Huda Batterjee are the founders and creators of Beejewel. Modia, with a Doctorate degree in Health Administration, has extensive experience in the development and management of women and infant advocacy projects to raise awareness and to improve health status and well-being. Huda is an artist by nature and profession, and she excels in international business and management. Together, the sisters are embracing the concept of luxury for a cause and promoting the vision of Beejewel to improve the lives of many, one beautiful piece at a time.

Huda Batterjee

Huda Batterjee Beejewel Boutique
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Book Redefine Your Beeing by Modia Batterjee Beejewel Boutique

"Redefine Your Bee-ing"

By Dr. Modia A. Batterjee

Our book helps you discover yourself & create a beehive of like-minded friends.

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